Motorcycle Lessons 101: A Look at Motorcycle Accessories

You’ve been a proud motorcycle owner for quite a while now. You know all the basics when it comes to cleaning or simple DIY repairs for your bike. But how well do you really know your motorcycle? All motorcycle parts are essential, but it’s the add-ons, or the motorcycle accessories, that bring an extra splash of style and comfort to your ride. Let’s take a look at three of the most popular motorcycle accessories:


A motorcycle fairing is one of the most common motorcycle accessories usually mounted on racing and sports bikes. It greatly enhances the aerodynamics of your ride, minimizing unnecessary air drags that could slow down your riding speed. You can find most fairings mounted over the motorcycle’s frame and they’re usually made of strong plastic or fiberglass. A decrease in your fuel consumption and enhanced engine life are two major advantages of adding a fairing to your ride. Aside from increasing your ride’s aerodynamics and helping you speed like a daredevil down the road, fairings can also protect you from all kinds of harsh weather conditions. You can avoid hypothermia and other dangerous road hazards since the fairings are like protective shells which cover the front or rear end of your bike. Several types of motorcycle fairings are available in the market today and you can choose from a variety of styles that would best suit your bike. Online motorcycle stores usually stock fairings and other accessories to their inventory, so you basically have lots of options when purchasing a fairing that’s perfect for you.


Another popular accessory is the motorcycle windscreen, or windshield. You can usually mount them on your bike easily, with or without a fairing. When attached to a fairing, your protection is doubled and the aerodynamics of your bike greatly increases. To provide the best protection for you, most windscreens are made from tough acrylic plastic and are shaped according to the needs of some riders. You can beat the air’s impact with a windscreen that’s specifically designed to direct air flow over your head. Most motorists prefer to add this particular accessory to their bikes since it allows their rides to accelerate much faster and is therefore an effective way of reducing fuel consumption. Plus, the windscreens add an aesthetic appeal to your ride and protect you from the harsh slapping of the wind. You can also avoid road debris and other elements if you have a windscreen installed on your bike.


When you’re riding a motorcycle, you won’t be able to carry huge luggage and heavy loads on your back other than a small traveling bag since this will interfere with your driving. But one bike accessory solves this dilemma-motorcycle saddlebags. Also called panniers, these bags may be purchased in pairs, but can also be bought individually. They’re usually mounted on the rear side of your motorcycle and are the most useful detachable accessories. Saddlebags are often attached to modern touring motorcycles since the rider’s need to carry around luggage is much greater. You don’t have to worry about the contents of your saddlebag from falling off even if you’re traveling at high speed because the bags are tightly locked to ensure the safety of your belongings. Like all other accessories for your bike, saddlebags are available in different shapes and sizes. You can purchase one that would best suit your needs from motorcycle shops or retailers. It’s important to keep in mind the amount of luggage you will carry around your bike before purchasing a saddlebag so you could maximize its use.

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